Freedog is the largest trampoline park in Europe with over 100 trampolines, a main area, 2 dodge ball courts, 2 basketball ‘slam dunks’ and a pair of foam pits, all housed in a 33,000sqft warehouse. Reception, café, shop, party rooms and ancillary functions are housed in converted shipping containers placed to define arrival, briefing and post bounce chill. Materials are predominantly utilitarian reflecting the raw state of the building, spruce ply, polycarbonate sheet, scaffolding tube etc with furniture made from cardboard tubes.

The trampolines and containers are finished in the brand colours - black, white and grey with a flash of fuchsia pink. The walls of the building and containers are blank canvases, to be covered by illustrators and graffiti artists.

Additional activities will be added, with the café moving to a central mezzanine – parkour, which is currently defined by a 40ft container leaning on a 20ft, to define and an e-gaming zone. Further containers are also to be added, a DJ tower, exterior café and a 40ft container on end acting as a totem for the site. 

Freedog Urban Activities Park - Swindon  

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